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E.D.T. is not required if your first learner permit was issued before 4 April 2011. All other learner drivers  with learner permits issued after this date,must complete EDT before taking their driving test.

E.D.T. is a course of 12 one-hour lessons. These lessons are designed to cover certain critical driving skills and improve your practical driving skills.
As you complete each lesson, we will record your progress in a specially issued logbook.


Lessons 1 to 8 must be done in order. The final 4 lessons can be done in any order.
If you start your Essential Driver Training as soon as you receive your Learner Permit you may wish to leave 2 weeks between each E.D.T. lesson. This will allow you to practice sufficiently and gain as much experience as possible. You cannot sit your driving test for 6 months from the date your Learner Permit is valid from.

Lesson 1 – Car Controls and Safety Checks
Lesson 2 – Correct Positioning
Lesson 3 – Changing Direction
Lesson 4 – Progression Management
Lesson 5 – Correct Positioning 2
Lesson 6 – Anticipation and Reaction
Lesson 7 – Sharing The Road
Lesson 8 – Driving Safely Through Traffic
Lesson 9 – Changing Direction (More Complex Situations)
Lesson 10 – Speed Management
Lesson 11 – Driving Calmly
Lesson 12 – Night Driving

The Road Safety Authority recommend “You should practise for at least three hours before your first
EDT lesson.” See Page 8 of the Learner Driver information Booklet ".

An E.D.T. Learner Driver Information Booklet is available free,when you receive your logbook.


At your first E.D.T. Lesson you will receive your Logbook.
In here, your instructor will record your progress, providing you with meaningful feedback and recommended actions which should help you to improve your skills and understanding.
The Logbook belongs to you so keep it in a safe place.
Do not let an instructor keep your logbook.
Logbooks cost ADI’s €4.00 This cost can be passed onto each pupil who receives one. We will give you your logbook for FREE when you pay for 5 lessons or more in advance.