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The driving test in Ireland is carried out directly by the Road Safety Authority (RSA).It is conducted in a number of  test centres throughout Ireland  . Learning to drive a car is a top priority for many people,their first time to sit a test can be a daunting experience ,so with a good ADI(approved driving instructor)and proper preparation, you have good chance of passing your test at the first attempt.

  • To sit the test you must have held a valid learner permit for at least 6 months.
  • Use of suitable vehicle which is taxed,insured and its NCT is up to date if needed.
  • Completed the EDT training syllabus(if learner permit was issued after  the 4th of april 2011).   YOUR APPOINTMENT:  driving test dates are normally set between 4 to 7 weeks after application,this will indicate time, date and venue, and also certain conditions which must be met.Where possible your test will be arranged at a test centre you have selected on your application form.On the day of your test you should turn up at least 10 to 15 mins before your appointed test time.
  • Bring your learner permit .
  • Appointment letter if you have one.  > make sure the vehicle you are doing the test in, is up to date with car tax,insurance and NCT,and with the  appropriate discs.Also make sure the brake lights and indicators are ok and tyres are not worn(1.6mm min thread depth.)  

:Driving test normally lasts 30 to 40 mins and includes >

  • Questions on rules of the road(questions on road signs and markings also included) :under the bonnet checks.
  • Demonstration of hand signals
  • Reversing round a corner
  • A u turn in the road (turn in the road)
  • Hill start
  • Driving approx 5 miles in a variety of road conditions.


Driving is assessed in following situations >

  • Use of mirrors and signals.

  • Progress,speed

  • Road positioning

  • Overtaking and passing

  • Use of vehicle controls(clutch,brake,steering)

  • Use of secondary controls.(wipers,demisters,lights,etc)

when you come back to the test centre after your test,the tester will bring you back into the test centre and will inform you ,if you have passed or failed.If you pass the tester will issue you with a certificate of competency which you can then exchange for a full licence at your local motor tax office,if you fail,you receive a certificate indicating that you have failed,and a report detailing aspects of your driving, that caused you to fail.Best of luck in your test ! for more info, email www.rsa.ie and click on driving test.