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We offer pretest lessons which will prepare you better for the actual driving test,our specialist pretests are designed to install confidence and competency into our pupils, to ensure they have a better chance of passing their test at the first attempt .We identify areas of potential problem and provide fault correction when required.  

A pretest normally lasts 2 hrs,the first hour comprises of the pupil sitting a mock driving test,with the instructor conducting the test,starting with under the bonnet checks, to the instructor marking a mock test sheet on the general driving of the pupil.You will be brought on a actual test route,which we at Dermots driving school have thorough knowledge off.Second hour consists of verbal interaction with instructor ,going back out on the test route and identifying and rectifying the faults made by the pupil which were marked on the test sheet,in doing so, we hope to install confidence  and greater knowledge to the pupil,when they embark on their driving test.