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  1. If you are learning to drive for the first time ,its very important that you find a good instructor,one that is qualified to teach,an ADI driving instructor(approved driving instructor registered by the RSA).Good idea to get one,recommended by a friend or relative with a high pass rate and lives and works in the area where you are sitting your test,he/she will have good knowledge of the area and of the several test routes that are in the locality,we at idrive have excellent knowledge of all the test routes in Navan and Finglas .
  2. At the first stages of learning to drive,try to work hard on getting good clutch control as soon as you possibly can,this will give you a vast amount of confidence in controlling the car,we at Dermots driving school will teach you this routine at your pace,so you get the feel of the clutch at its biting point and learning to control the speed of the car with the clutch,when you manage to master this technique,it will give you a lot of confidence in controlling the car when setting off and manoeuvring.
  3. Practice,practice,practice,how many times have you heard this,but it is so true,you need to have a lot of patience and time to give yourself a better chance of passing the test at the first attempt,in between your lessons,try to practice with your friends ,if it suits.
  4. Do not take your test too soon...make sure you get the advice from your instructor,he/she will know when you are ready to sit your test,and will advise you, when to apply,you should take this on board,because a lot of learners tend to cut corners(no pun intended)regarding taking fewer lessons and less practice, to save money or whatever,and end up failing their test miserably and hence losing all the confidence they had built up.