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Like any important exam or test you do through your lifetime,good preparation is key,the driving test is no exception,put simply, if you do  not prepare and give some time towards the test ,you will fail at your first attempt .Your driving instructor can give you as much help and advice as he/she can possibly give,but the onus is on you to pratice and prepare in good time to give yourself a better chance of passing your test at the first attempt. Below is some advice on the day of your test.                

  • If your test time is a early morning slot, try have an early night the night before, avoid alcohol or sleeping tablets ,as these will make you feel drowsy the next morning, remember a clear head, the more focused you are !
  • Arrive at the test centre at least 15 mins before your test time(allow for early morning traffic congestion, the less stress the better)
  • Ensure your car (if you are using your own)is in good working order, brake lights ,indicators, tyres are all ok,and also good idea to have your car washed and cleaned .
  • Tax and insurance and nct (if needed)that the discs are all up to date.
  • Have your learner permit with you ,and is in date.
  • Wait in the waiting area, till the tester calls your name, he/she will sit you down in a private area.
  • You will then be asked for your learner permit, which they check, and then you will be asked to sign a form to say the vehicle you are using is roadworthy , insured, and taxed.
  • You will then be asked some questions on rules of the road and road signs.(follow the links on our website for all the possible questions and road signs you made be asked).
  • You will then go out to your vechicle,and will be asked to lift the bonnet,and then asked several questions  to show where various engine parts are i.e .oil dipstick,coolent bottle ,brake fluid,windscreen washer bottle etc.
  • when you sit in the vechicle,the tester will check to see your brake lights and indicators are in working order,and then you will be asked to demonsrate the use of secondary controls i.e. lights,wipers,demisters front and back,etc.
  •  You are then out on the road for approx 30 to 35 mins,you need to seriously focus on what your doing for this period,remember you are allowed 8 grade two faults in your test  ,anything above this you have failed,also just one or more grade three fault(serious or dangerous fault)you have failed also,so do not forget if you make a mistake or a fault,do not dwell on it ,block it from your mind and focus on the testers next instruction,stay calm and relaxed ,and do not panic !

 Hope these tips are of help to you,best of luck in  your test !